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6 Fun Family Outdoor Activity Ideas

Now that summer is here, and your kids don’t have to go to school, it is time to plan some fun family outdoor activities that you can enjoy. It is a great chance to spend some time with your loved ones while doing something fun and educational. You could plan these early in the morning in a cool temperature before the sun gets too intense to protect your family against UV rays. These activities are perfect for you to clock some fun and memorable family time while the kids burn off their extra energy while having fun.

Concerned about sunburn relief? Leave that to us!

 Here are some fun family outdoor activities:

Play kickball or baseball

During the early hours or once it cools off, you can take your kids to play a great game of kickball or baseball. You can set up the field with large rocks, or some mats that aren’t in use. Once set up, your family could enjoy America’s favorite pastime in the park or your backyard. If your kids aren’t that much into baseball, why not play kickball.

Go kite flying

And speaking of fun family activities and wide-open spaces, you’ll need a lot of room to run around. Whether it’s your first time going kite flying or the 50th, it will be a beautiful moment. Your kids can gaze up in the sky in wonder at the kites floating around in the breeze. Likewise, everyone will run around to get a running start to help the kite in taking off. However, keep in mind that you need to protect your family against the dangers of sunburn and UV rays. Remember to pack some sunscreen, sunglasses, and a refreshing sunburn drink to keep them hydrated.

Visit the zoo

Visiting a zoo is perhaps one of the most memorable outings for your kids. Plus, it is both educational and fun. Going to a local zoo early in the morning before the sun kicks in is a great way for your kids to learn about different species. To add to the intrigue and fun, you could even add a photo scavenger hunt. When the game ends, your kids can tell you what they have learned regarding the animals in every picture.

Have a morning picnic at the park

Among fun family outdoor activities, a picnic is one of the most popular and enjoyable for adults and kids alike. Your kids can help you in picking out the snacks for the picnic and decide on family games that you will play. You can also turn this day into a playdate with other family and friends. So whether you have a lot of kids coming along or just a small group, your kids would love sliding, swinging, climbing, and playing catch early in the morning. 

Have a family hike in a national park

If your family has been craving some adventure, you can drive to a national or state park that offers family-friendly hikes. On a hike, you will get to experience the best that nature can offer, from close-up animal sightings to breathtaking landscapes. You could even combine some other outdoor activities in addition to your hiking experience. Just remember to pack some sack lunches, water, sunburn drink, and cameras to enjoy a memorable day trip.

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Now that you have some fun ideas for family activities, it’s time to plan it. Try to plan your trip to end before noon. However, even if the sun is not at its peak temperature, there can still be a lot of harmful UV rays around. Make sure that you have a first aid kit, some light snacks, plenty of sunscreens, water, and sunburn drink for immediate sunburn relief.