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What Are The Best Products To Treat A Sunburn?

You can get sunburnt despite your best efforts. All you can do is cool, soothe, and treat it for it to heal. Fortunately for you, we have curated the best products to treat sunburn. Take a look- 

Sunburn Drink 

We begin the list with a powerful concoction that heals your skin from the inside and out. Sunburn Drink is the only product on the list that serves its purpose of treatment as well as prevention. The formulation is packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. The micronutrients in the drink help rebuild and combat UV damage. And while topical products provide relief to the skin’s epidermis, they cannot heal the skin internally. 

This makes Sunburn drink a perfect product for recovery and preventing damage altogether. The ingredients and the fresh, citrusy taste make it safe for kids to consume. 

Cetaphil Soothing Gel Cream with Aloe

Treating a sunburn is all about patience and a slow healing process. First things first, ditch your body lotions, they are not of any use in this case. The best thing you can do is get dermatologist-recommended cream like Cetaphil soothing gel. Infused with Aloe, it does its job by soothing and cooling the skin while moisturizing it. 

This product is formulated with non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic ingredients. It is paraben and fragrance-free. This makes it safe for sensitive skin. 

CeraVe Moisturizing Cream

Another great recommendation is this ceramides-rich product by CeraVe. It provides nourishment and hydration to dry, irritated, itchy skin associated with sunburn. Water is the best solution for sunburn according to dermatologists. The only thing better than water is an unscented moisturizer. Moisturizing the peeling skin will help in repairing it. Application and reapplication will help soothe irritated skin. 


It works like a charm and is a healing ointment as it hydrates the skin and seals the moisture in the skin. Aquaphor works well on blisters and peeling skin. It has been the go-to cure for cracked and dry skin. It has also been a great cure for diaper rash, making it safe for kids. The texture is thick and free from dyes and fragrance.


Pain and inflammation are inevitable after a harsh sunburn. The best thing to do is take a nonprescription pain reliever as soon as possible after getting too much sun. This would require an Advil (and a lot of patience) to bear the discomfort. A nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medication like Advil can also reduce or block redness and swelling after sun exposure. Make sure to only take 1 or 2 tablets (200mg) every 4 to 6 hours if the problem persists. Consult a medical professional if the pain exceeds 24 hours. 

Ace Reusable Cold Compress

Among the easiest and quickest ways to relieve sunburn discomfort is putting a cold compress on your affected skin. While cold compress works for the skin, putting ice directly on the skin will not. It will do more harm than good. It would be best to use a cold compress for short intervals to tame the sunburn inflammation. 

Cortizone 10 Cream

Dermatologists recommend topical hydrocortisone creams to treat sunburns. It helps in relieving the constant itchiness and dryness of the skin while providing hydration. Although it is safe for application, medical supervision is a must when using it for kids under 2 years of age. 


The products mentioned above show remarkable results for sunburn treatment. Some products like Sunburn Drink are known for their efficacy during pre and post-sun exposure due to the powerful ingredients. Make sure to stock these products at all times as they are no less than first aid for sunburn treatment at home.