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Ways to heal from Sunburn

Have you ever experienced inflammation or redness of your skin when you go outdoors, especially during summer? Do such inflammation cause pain and your skin feel hot to touch?

This is merely a case of sunburn. When a person comes in direct contact with the ultraviolet rays of the sun, a condition called sunburn or erythema occurs. According to the report, more than 33000 cases of severe sunburn are reported annually.

When our skin comes direct exposure to excessive UV rays, these ultraviolet rays penetrate the deep layers of skin causing damage. On contrary, our blood vessels dilate to increase blood flow. Further, this brings immune cells to the skin surface causing swelling and redness.

Types of Sunburn

Sunburn is sub-categorized on the basis of damage it causes. The categories of sunburn are as follows:

·       First-degree:

When only the outer layer of skin gets affected, it is known as the first degree of sunburn. It usually heals early within a few days or a week

·       Second-degree:

 When UV rays affect the deep layers of your skin causing blistering, it may take weeks for healing. In some major cases, it also requires medical attention.

What are the symptoms of Sunburn?

Symptoms of sunburn usually appear within a few hours of exposure. Within a few days, our body starts to heal for mild to moderate symptoms but for severe ones it may take several days for recovery.

Common symptoms of Sunburn:

  • Inflammation of skin appearing pink or red
  • Pain and itching on the affected skin portion
  • Swelling
  • Blisters on the skin which are small and fluid-filled
  • Paining or burning sensation of eyes

Severe symptoms:

  • Headache, nausea, dizziness, fever, and fatigue
  • Seek immediate medical assistance for symptoms like:
  • High fever (over 102 F) with vomiting
  • Confusion in mind
  • Infection
  • Dehydration
  • Cold skin or dizziness

How can you heal a sunburn?

There are specific ways that can reduce the effects of sunburn rather than healing it completely.

·       Pain reliever:

As soon as you notice pain, take a pain reliever which consists of ibuprofen and acetaminophen. You can also apply pain relieving gel on your skin.

·       Apply coolant:

Cool your skin by applying ice or gently rubbing the affected skin with a wet or damped cloth or other cool compressors. Also, you can take a cool bath by adding baking soda to the tub. Repeat the practice of cooling your skin for ten minutes multiple times a day.

·       Be hydrated:

Dehydration has various health-related symptoms like Nausea, vomiting, dizziness, loss of energy, and many more.  Drink plenty of water at least 7 to 8 glasses per day to avoid dehydration in the body.

·       Apply moisturizer or soothing medicated cream:

It is better to avoid soothing moisturizers containing aloe Vera or calamine lotion on the affected skin portion. For mild to moderate concern, one may also apply medicated cream twice or thrice a day.

It is recommended to refrigerate them before applying them for better results.

·       Prevent exposure to the sun:

Avoid going out during the time when the sun is directly overhead. In case of urgency, use a sun protection mask or cover yourself properly

Go for a Sunburn drink to keep yourself ready for the sun

The easiest way to keep yourself stand strong against such severe conditions of sunburn is to go for a Sunburn drink.

Sunburn drinks are made with skin-friendly ingredients that deliver essential micronutrients to the body. Further, these essential nutrients make your body capable to combat UV damage. It increases hydration and improves the natural functioning of cells within the dermal layer.

The useful nutrients and essential vitamins- A, B, C, D, and E Collagen, Zinc, and Biotin present in the drink rejuvenate your immune system making it readily available to reduce the effects of UV rays on your skin.

It is important to take care of yourself. You must devote proper time towards the things that can prove to be fruitful for your physical as well as mental health. It is just a matter of bringing a few changes in your lifestyle. Evolve your lifestyle with the best healthcare.