Can I take Sunburn Drink BEFORE going in the sun so it helps me get a tan?

The ingredients in Sunburn Drink are designed to help the body’s cells fend off and deal with the damage that can be caused by exposure to UV radiation from the sun.  If your cells have the nutrients they need they can far more easily create melanin – which is their first line of defense against the sun.  Melanin is what makes up a tan.   It is like the cells creating their own little beech umbrellas for themselves to keep the sun out and stop it reaching lower down and damaging the inside bits of the cells.   

So, making sure the cells have the ingredients in Sunburn Drink is a good thing from that point of view.  Certainly, one can take sunburn drink at any time – it is safe to do so.

Here’s the problem.   Medical advice is that sun exposure is bad for the body and that people should stay out of the sun.  We advise that you follow that advice. Keep sun exposure to the minimum, use high factor sun block, wear a hat and sleeves and leg protection – and use Sunburn Drink if these fail and you do get burned.

We do not encourage people to take the drink and then go out and get burned intentionally.  It does not make you burn proof and you should not give yourself a false sense of security.