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Deal With It, Or Die

Not you. Your cells. If they can’t handle the overexposure to the sun, they die. That’s what blistering and peeling is – cell funerals.

Redness and pain – that’s your cells screaming out that they need help. They can deal with it – if they have the resources.

Making melanin (the dark stuff that is the tan); repairing damaged DNA; replacing the connective tissue – all these things take resources.

SunBurn drink has all the resources, and that’s why it works. Everything the cells need is right there so they can just get what they need, work away and do their thing.

The end result is that the pain, redness and discomfort go away, replaced by a golden tan. Do it early enough and there is no blistering and no peeling.

So now you know. If you have redness and pain your cells are crying out for help.

The choice on what to do for your body is yours.

You have a number of options. Do nothing and just suffer through it. Take drugs and alcohol to kill the pain, and pretend there is no problem.

Or, give your cells what they need – and party on.

What you gonna do?