What does Sunburn Drink Do For Dark Skinned People?

People who really care for their skin use Sunburn Drink, whether they over expose themselves to the sun or not.  Bodies need the vitamins, amino acids, minerals and electrolytes found in Sunburn Drink if its cells are going to stay young looking and healthy for as long as possible. 

Skin is skin and it’s burned by too much sun.  Dark skinned people are fortunate in that they already have a large amount of melanin, and so can tolerate a lot more sun than a pasty white Englishman can.

That does not however mean that dark skinned people, or people who already have a tan, cannot get burned.  They can, and do, get burned.

The pain of getting burned is not the only problem that too much sun causes.  The UV destroys the connective tissue in the skin layers and causes the skin to become flabby and wrinkly.  Wrinkles are one way the skin protects itself – the sun can’t reach to the bottom of a wrinkle.

UV also causes permanent DNA damage to the skin, and this is one of the worst effects of excess and is what causes premature aging.

SunBurn Drink helps the body fight these two major beauty destroying effects – it reduces the damage to the collagen and DNA and keeps skin looking healthy for longer