How Sunburn Drink Works

Sunburn Drink is more easily absorbed by your body than any other outdated method; Fortified with key elements to boost immune support, promote collagen and fibroblast production, increase cutaneous blood flow, and promote, protect, and improve healthy cell regeneration in your skin’s deeper layers thus supporting the body’s ability to restore itself naturally and timelier. Our powerful, well-balanced combination of skin-supporting micro and macronutrients is absorbed through ingestion and circulates through your bloodstream to your skin.

When we ingest nutrients, antioxidants, and proteins our body (stomach acid) breaks it down and converts it into the bloodstream to be distributed throughout our body and to the correct layers of the skin.

Antioxidants are known to help protect from free radicals on a cellular level and absorption of ultraviolet radiation into the skin is a direct cause of cellular free radical damage. They also neutralize the side effects of UV-damaged cells. Sunburn Drink has also included collagen and collagen boosters in the proprietary blend to aid in the breakdown of amino acids to increase the skin’s hydration, laxity, and appearance of wrinkles and saggy skin.

Sunburn Drink delivers a carefully selected blend of micro and macronutrients and powerful anti-oxidation support straight to the epicenter of your healing machine – the gut. Sunburn Drink is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants which improve protein synthesis in our body and skin tissues, increase cutaneous blood flow and expedite your body’s natural healing process.

La première étape

Videz un paquet de boisson contre les coups de soleil dans une bouteille d'eau, secouez et dégustez !

Deuxième étape

Reposez-vous. Boire beaucoup d'eau. Laissez votre corps guérir !

Troisième étape

Pour les brûlures extrêmes, videz un deuxième sachet dans une bouteille d'eau. Secouer. Apprécier!

Quatrième étape

Votre brûlure devrait disparaître, mais continuez à boire beaucoup d’eau pour aider votre corps à se revitaliser. Au revoir, brûle. Au revoir, pelage.


  • Sunburn Drink est sans danger pour les enfants, cependant, nous recommandons aux enfants âgés de 2 à 15 ans de prendre la moitié (1/2) d'un stick par bouteille d'eau.
  • Pour les brûlures extrêmes, nous recommandons deux paquets de Sunburn Drink à prendre à 12 heures d’intervalle.
  • Pour les personnes pesant plus de 200 livres, nous recommandons deux paquets de Sunburn Drink à prendre à 12 heures d’intervalle.
  • Ne constitue pas un substitut à un avis médical professionnel. Si vous souffrez ou soupçonnez souffrir d’un problème de santé, vous êtes invité à consulter votre médecin. Les problèmes de santé ne peuvent être diagnostiqués que par un médecin agréé.
What's in Sunburn Drink

We care about what we put in our bodies, and we care what you put into yours, that’s why Sunburn Drink’s formula is all-natural. The ingredients in our formulation are Collagen, Aloe extract, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Folate, Biotin, Pantothenic acid, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Potassium, Lysine, Turmeric, Ginger root, Green tea leaf, Coenzyme, Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine, Hyaluronic acid, organic agave insulin, citric acid, natural tropical flavors, stevia extract, rice hulls, and our proprietary all-natural blend.

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How The Sun Burns You

Sunburn is caused by too much exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light. UV light may be from sunlight or artificial sources, such as sunlamps and tanning beds.

Melanin is the dark pigment in the skin’s outer layer that gives skin its normal color. When you’re exposed to UV light, your body protects itself by producing melanin faster. The extra melanin creates a tan. A suntan is the body’s way of blocking UV rays to prevent sunburn. But the protection only goes so far. Too much UV light causes the skin to burn.​

You can get sunburn on cool or cloudy days. Snow, sand, water, and other surfaces can reflect UV rays that cause the skin to burn too.

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What A Sunburn Can Do To You

Any exposed part of your body — including your earlobes, scalp, and lips — can burn. Even covered areas can burn if, for example, your clothing has a loose weave that allows ultraviolet (UV) light through. Your eyes, which are extremely sensitive to the sun’s UV light, also can burn.

Sunburn signs and symptoms usually appear within a few hours after sun exposure. But it may take a day or more to know how severe the sunburn is.​

Within a few days, your body may start to heal itself by peeling the damaged skin’s top layer. After peeling, your skin may temporarily have an irregular color and pattern. A bad sunburn may take several days to heal.

Sunburn signs and symptoms can include:

  • Changes in skin tone, such as pinkness or redness
  • Skin that feels warm of hot to the touch
  • pain and tenderness
  • Swelling
  • Small fluid blisters, which may break
  • Headache, fever, nausea and fatigue, if the sunburn is severe
  • Eyes that feel painful of gritty