Don't Do This!

Don't Do This!

This lady intentionally burned herself to test out SunBurn Drink! She is the mother of someone working for us, and she didn’t believe that it worked. She had her daughter take the first photo and headed out to the beach in Sarasota.

A few hours later she came back him, well toasted, and had her daughter take the next photo. You can see the was burned, and she reports that she was in real pain from her experiment. She took a packet of SunBurn Drink. The hurt was that bad that she had to have a cold shower that night, and got little sleep.

By the next morning both the pain and redness was mostly gone. 32 hours later, a few hours after taking the second packet, this is how she looked – tanned, no pain, no itching, no peeling and ready to go back to the beach!

She told us that she has never recovered so fast from sunburn. Usually a burn like that would have taken her at least a week to recover from, and would have involved in a lot of peeling.

While this makes an interesting story, we do NOT advise doing this. Seriously. SunBurn Drink is a first aid solution to assist your body to recover. It does not make you ‘bullet-proof’ or guarantee you will not cause yourself serious harm.

SunBurn Drink is a formulation of the vitamins, amino acids, minerals and electrolytes your cells need to do their thing when dealing with sunburn. It is your body that does the actual healing, and you should not abuse it or take it for granted.

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