About Sunburn Drink

The original Sunburn Drink formula was created by a young woman working in the tanning salon industry. Customers of hers would often stay in the tanning bed too long or use the beds too often and come out a little red. Being a naturalist, Ryann began searching for natural ingredients that would help with the red and tender skin her clients often endured. The typical cooling aloe gels would temporarily sooth the pain, however, those products would not help repair the skin. One weekend Ryann and her grandmother created a citrus flavored drink using natural ingredients they researched that proved to greatly reduce the puffy redness and pain caused by overuse of the tanning beds.

This new all-natural beverage was a huge hit to her clients and a few months later her grandfather mentioned that Ryann should bottle this beverage and sell it to people at the beach and at golf courses. That’s when the lightbulb went off in her head and Sunburn Drink was born!

Ryann knew she was on to something but felt overwhelmed with what it would take to get this homemade product to market. She reached out to a few local friends, Robert Foster and Joshua Paul who were business owners and after doing some testing with a local laboratory in Clearwater, Florida those friendships turned into a business partnership!

Since that day, the formulation of Sunburn Drink has been modified to increase its effects and absorption rate but has maintained its all-natural status. Best of all, it works! It just makes sense that because sunburn damage is internal that sunburn should be combated internally! Unburn your next sunburn with Sunburn Drink.

Now tell us about you! We love hearing about your first experience with Sunburn Drink! Each and every story we hear is just as exciting as the last and we love that Sunburn Drink customers are forever returning customers after just one use! Use the form below to share your personal experience with us!

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How Sunburn Drink Is Made...

Located in sunny Tampa, Florida, USA the Sunburn Drink team knows a thing or two about sunburns. Our vision is to create the best product formulas at the best possible pricing made with care right here in the USA.

Our technical formulation support is backed by a collective 30+ year experienced Research & Development team. Our Quality Control department is devoted to overseeing that across-the-board manufacturing compliance is not only up-to-standard but above-and-beyond regulatory requirements. As an FDA-registered facility, our production team makes sure all operations and processes are carried out properly. Our attention to quality and customer product care is our priority. Additionally, our production facilities have recently received the highest level of industry approval and are GMP compliant.

Meet Burnie

Burnie, like so many of us, has experienced a sunburn or two in his lifetime. He is no stranger to the pain, the itching, the peeling, the fever, and the misery that is sunburn…

Now, a B-List celebrity and avid spokesperson for Sunburn Drink, Burnie Ray gets to travel the Caribbean and beyond spreading the good news of a great new product, Sunburn Drink.

Sunburn Drink

No matter what brings you outside, we have you covered inside. At Sunburn Drink we are committed to delivering high-quality products that inspire you from the skin to within! Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, the Sunburn Drink team knows a thing or two about hot sunny days. Sunburn Drink was created by people, for people and it works!


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