Goddess Or Premium Grade Jerky?

Goddess Or Premium Grade Jerky?

You’ve seen them on the beach – middle aged sun worshippers that look 10 years older than they are, shriveled and wrinkled like the best quality jerky, unlike the lady above.

Their bodies were beautiful once. They had soft, flawless skin. Kissed by the sun in a way that made them shine, they wanted more loving and caressing from the Sun God, Ra.

All that love comes at a price – back then people knew a lot less about sun exposure than we do now.

Now we know that excess sun exposure results in connective tissue damage, and can even permanently change your DNA. If your skin can’t handle all that sun, it wrinkles up as one of it’s protective measures. The exposed surface area is reduced – the sun can’t reach all the way into a wrinkle.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Of course the obvious thing is to reduce the amount of sun you are exposed to, and we always recommend protective lotions, skin covering and hats, beach umbrellas, and staying out of the midday sun altogether as the primary line of defense.

If you are a sun lover or worshipper, the least you should do is provide your skin with the essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that your cells need to recover from excess sun exposure. That’s what SunBurn Drink is for. It’s the first and only product specifically formulated to handle sun exposure from the inside – where the damage is done.

You can have beautiful tanned skin and look healthier and younger than you actually are. It all depends on what you do for your skin. Jerky or Perky – it’s your call.

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