Hot, Cross, Buns

Hot, Cross, Buns

You really don’t want Hot Cross Buns. Hot because they feel like they are on fire. Cross because, quite frankly, they are angry about what you just did to them. And Buns because . . . well.

Burning your butt is more than just a pain in the ass. It can make it really difficult to sit down, let alone drive, or to even sleep at night. And it can get worse – a gentle friendly slap on the fanny from a lover or joker can be misinterpreted and result in temporary but severe colorful language. It can wreck your plans for the evening.

It’s not just that it Burns. The reason those buns are hot and cross is because the excess sun has damaged the cells in the lower layers of your skin, and they now have to deal with it – or suffer permanent damage or cell death.

Sunburn is not something on the surface of your skin. It is way deep in the skin. Putting lotion on top of the skin doesn’t usually help at all. Taking drugs or alcohol may take your mind off the pain, but does nothing to fix the problem. Aloe, cold baths and many other things are said to work and maybe they do sometimes – but if you have ever been badly burned you know that it can take days to recover.

SunBurn Drink is a specially formulated, patented, mix of the vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and amino acids that your cells need to help heal themselves. It works on the inside – directly assisting the cells before they give up and die and white blood cells have to swoop in and clean them out (which causes blisters, and peeling and sometimes even pus and other nasty stuff).

Many success stories report that severe burns no longer hurt and were turned to a tan 4 -7 times faster than they previously experienced.

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